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“Disappointment and Fear”
Many in Elkhart County and beyond have been experiencing those emotions since mid-March. Coronavirus or COVID-19 as it is commonly referred to has overtaken our lives. Some are calling it the invisible enemy.
It has caused people to be laid off. Some people have lost their jobs meaning they have to get assistance in the form of unemployment and local food banks. And this can be frightening.
Corvid-19 has stopped large groups from gathering. Most churches have shuttered their doors as the nation we live in is pretty much locked down.
Here we are, on Easter eve with most churches planning to have online services. This past week was the Spring break for our school district. Many plans are made for and carried out in this time called Spring break.
However, the children have been out of school since mid-March and will not be going back until this fall. Spring break plans have been broken and people are disappointed.
These feelings were felt by Jesus’ followers. We know, God had been silent with Israel for 400 years. Then came Jesus and His ministry, most of the disciples were convinced He was their Messiah.
Then things had gone bad. Jesus was crucified.
We know they were frightened, they were hiding behind locked doors.
They had left their jobs and careers to follow Jesus.
I am not going to quote any scripture, because we have no scripture from Jesus burial until the first day of the week (Sunday)
I am almost positive Jesus followers would not have gone to worship on that Sabbath, being as frightened as they were.
For our COVID-19 experience, even if frightened and disappointed, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
This will come to an end, the Lord is already there. I know this gives hope to the frightened and disappointed.
Jesus’ followers did not have this hope, at least not from Friday evening till Sunday morning.
We have Good Friday services and we can’t feel how Jesus followers felt, because they did not know the outcome.
We know they didn’t know because they were shocked by Sunday’s events.
The followers of Jesus were frightened and disappointed because their ministry was over. They were waiting to be arrested after they are discovered. Perhaps they would be executed. After all Jesus, their Lord, Master, teacher was dead. Or was He? …………………………………………………

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