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“Imitate Me”
If you have children, at one time or another, they have imitated you.
It can be something simple, like trying to step in your snowy footprints.
Sometimes they might repeat what you have said, trying to use the same tone inflections.
Please read the following verses.
1 Corinthians 4:14-17
14 I am not writing this to shame you, but to warn you, as my dear children.
15 Even though you have ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel.
16 Therefore I urge you to imitate me.
17 For this reason, I am sending to you Timothy, my son whom I love, who is faithful in the Lord. He will remind you of my way of life in Christ Jesus, which agrees with what I teach everywhere in every church.
Paul willingly put his life before other people and said they should live the way he does.
He says this in 1 Corinthians 11:1, Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.
Paul also sent Timothy to the Corinthians as an example to follow in thier their Christian living.
As believers, we need to live our lives in such a way that others can follow our example.
As new believers begin maturing, they too will have others who look to them.
We do not put our lives out there as an example because we are so good.
We allow our lived to be on display because the Holy Spirit is working in us and changing us.
May believers allow the Lord God, through His Holy Spirit to reflect Christ through our daily living.

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