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“Jesus Fulfills Prophecy “

Bible scholars tell us that Jesus fulfilled over 300 Biblical prophecies.
Please read the following verses to see what it says about Jesus and prophecy.

Matthew 12:15-21

15 Aware of this, Jesus withdrew from that place. Many followed him, and he healed all their sick, 16 warning them not to tell who he was. 17 This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah:18 “Here is my servant whom I have chosen, the one I love, in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him, and he will proclaim justice to the nations.19 He will not quarrel or cry out; no one will hear his voice in the streets.20 A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, till he leads justice to victory. 21 In his name the nations will put their hope.”

Did you see in verse 17, Jesus was fulfilling prophecy. The Bible is full of prophecy. Sometimes the verses tell us He did this to fulfill prophecy, other times the Holy Spirit will help us understand the prophecy in the Bible.
This wonderful book, the Word of God is available to any. Most homes have many Bibles in them. Some of the Bibles collect dust, others are worn out from use.

May you and I keep wearing out Bibles until we are taken from this earth by death or the rapture.

Have a tremendous day in the Lord,

Let everything that has breath (this includes you) Praise and thank the Lord.

Be Blessed,

Be a Blessing;


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