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“What Were They Thinking”
Sometimes we hear these words when someone makes a blunder.
Every time I read the account of the ten plagues in Egypt, I am struck by the fact that the Egyptian magicians could also perform the first three plagues.
But why would they have wanted to?
When the Lord sent frogs everywhere, the magicians added more frogs to the mix.
What were they thinking?
I invite you to read the following verses.
Exodus 7:25-8:7
25 Seven days passed after the Lord struck the Nile.
8:1 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘This is what the Lord says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me.
2 If you refuse to let them go, I will plague your whole country with frogs.
3 The Nile will teem with frogs. They will come up into your palace and your bedroom and onto your bed, into the houses of your officials and on your people, and into your ovens and kneading troughs.
4 The frogs will go up on you and your people and all your officials.'”
5 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Tell Aaron, ‘Stretch out your hand with your staff over the streams and canals and ponds, and make frogs come up on the land of Egypt.'”
6 So Aaron stretched out his hand over the waters of Egypt, and the frogs came up and covered the land.
7 But the magicians did the same things by their secret arts; they also made frogs come up on the land of Egypt.
Come to think about it, there are still many people in this world that hate the Lord God and do all they can to harm the lives of believers.
One day too, they will wonder; what were we thinking?

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