We are a loving, caring, grace-filled family of believers who truly care about each other. We realize that everyone has a past, everyone has a story, and everyone has the opportunity to be forgiven and to start over.

What We Believe


The eternal only Son of God who lived on earth as both fully God and fully human.

Holy Spirit

The eternal promised presence of Jesus with us and God’s promises.


The Bible is the inspired word of God, complete and without error. The New Testament is our rule of faith and practice.


Anointing – We anoint with oil in the name of the Lord.

Baptism – We baptize those desiring to follow Jesus by triune immersion following their confession of faith.

Three-Fold Communion – we celebrate the events of Jesus’ Last Supper in April and October with a special service, including the Love Feast (a fellowship meal), footwashing, and the eucharist (bread and cup).

New Paris Church of the Brethren - outside view

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