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August Sermons

August 2 – “Who Are the Authentic Brethren?”

Luke 8:16-21

What is the significance of the parable of the lighted lamp or candle?  What is the importance of hearing for authentic brethren?  How do authentic brethren respond to God’s light and the hearing of God’s Word?  What are some of the attributes of authentic brethren?

August 9 – “Did Jesus Really Go to Hell?”

 Ephesians 4:7-10

Do I have your attention yet? I remember the first people who asked me that and I didn’t know what to say. Why they asked was because part of the apostles’ creed says this, “I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son Our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended into hell.” I believe with the help of the Spirit I can explain this better than the first time I was asked.

August 16 – “Equipping the Body of Christ”July 19 – “Christ’s Love is Greater”

Ephesians 4:11-16

Do you have any spiritual gifts? Absolutely. How do I know this? The Lord has given every believer at least one Spiritual gift, perhaps two. Oh, you mean gifts that I have so I can be employed? These gifts might help you be employed, but they were given to you for another reason.

August 23 – “A New You”

Ephesians 4:17-24

We like new things, don’t we? New homes, boats, campers, vehicles, and clothing, just to name a few. But what if you and others around you could see a new you? That is possible and will happen when we are believers.

August 30 – “Pleasing, Not Grieving the Spirit”

Ephesians 4:25-32

Did you ever think of grieving the Lord God? I mean really, would you intentionally do something that would bring the Lord God grief? While growing up, it was important for me to please my dad. I certainly want to please my heavenly Father. How can we do this?

September Sermons

September 6 – “Walk in Love”

Ephesians 5:1-7

In September, my three messages will be a short series from Ephesians 5 I am calling “Walk-in” The first message will be to walk in love. We walk in love because the Lord God first loved us. We will also discuss some things that may have been a part of our life before the Holy Spirit taught us to walk in love.

September 13 – “Thank God for Grandparents!”

Proverbs 16:31

To what extent is wisdom more important than knowledge?  To what degree is giving more important than accumulating?  Why is teamwork more important than personal accomplishment?  What do you think is more important, grace or justice?

September 20 – “Walk in Light”

Ephesians 5:8-14

I have confessed before, that I do not like the pitch-black dark, the kind we used to have growing up. I was so happy when we got an outside dusk-to-dawn light. These days, it is hard to find a truly dark place. I certainly know I have enough trouble walking in the light, let alone the dark.

September 27 – “Walk in Wisdom “

Ephesians 5:15-21

There is so much more to wisdom than knowledge. Wisdom is how we use the knowledge we have. The knowledge provided by the Holy Spirit is the best available. Anyone who follows the Spirit’s advice will grow spiritually.

More sermons are available on the New Paris Church of the Brethren’s YouTube channel.


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