3/3 – “The Remnant”

Romans 11:4-10

What does the word remnant mean? One of its definitions is “a  small part or portion that remains after the main part no longer             exists.” We will see today how and why this word is used to describe God followers.

3/10 – “What a Gift!”

Romans 11:11-15

In racing, there is a phrase: “once and done.”  The phrase refers to someone who only wins one race in his or her career. Most of us             have heard the policy of the law “three strikes and you are out.” I thank the Lord God that He operates in a different way.

3/17 – “Only By God’s Grace”

Romans 11:16-24

As we work through this passage, I believe you will be amazed at what the Lord God has done so we Gentiles have a chance to come to Him. Salvation is truly Only by His Grace.

3/24 – “A Mystery”

Romans 11:25-27

I don’t watch much television anymore unless it is sports related.     When I did, I liked mysteries, all of the forensic shows and the                CSI programs. I tried to figure out who did the crime. On this day we will discover one of the Lord’s mysteries.

3/31 – “Mercy for All”

Romans 11:28-32

With the condition of the world today, if I were the Lord God I  don’t know if I would care to have mercy on anyone. Yet in His great Wisdom and Love, every person that has ever lived could be in heaven with Him. I said could be, not will be.