12/1 – “God is . . .? ”

Matthew 1:21-23

This Christmas, the Advent series we are exploring is entitled “God Is . . . “? On this first Sunday of Advent, we will explore how God is with us. As you prepare for this message, try to think of instances when you knew the Lord God was with you.

12/8 – “God is . . .? ” 

John 1:1-18

What if God was one of us? Who or what would He be like? In this lesson, we will see What and Who the Lord God says He is.

12/15 – “God is . . .? ” 

Matthew 1:20-21 and Luke 19:10

God is our Savior. None of us is good enough to be saved. We all need a  Savior and the Lord God sent us a great One. This lesson will help us better understand how He loves and saves us.

12/22 – “God is . . .? ” 

Luke 1:46-55

God is in us. Now, this is a difficult concept for some to grasp. But we will look at some instances of people being indwelt by the Lord God. As you prepare for this message, think of instances when you have sensed the Lord’s presence within you.

12/24 – “And He Will Be Called…” by Pastor Len Smith

Isaiah 9: 6-9

Which of the prophetic descriptions of Jesus Christ will have the most significant meaning to you this Christmas?

12/29 – “A Call to Christian Consecration for 2020” by Pastor Len Smith

I Corinthians 6:1-11

How can we experience great spiritual breakthroughs in 2020?  How does the reception of the Gospel produce a spiritual revolution?  How can we resolve to make 2020 our best year yet?  How can we resolve to live more spiritually positive lifestyles in 2020?