October 6 – “Believers; One in the Spirit”

Romans 15:7-13

It was God’s ultimate pleasure that people from every place and ethnicity would gather together to worship Him. In this passage, we see God’s plan working out, and the Lord God fulfilling a promise He made to Abraham way back in Genesis 12.

October 13 – “Reflecting on a Full Life”

Romans 15:14-21

Paul’s ministry is not complete, but in these verses, he celebrates how the Lord has already used him. Paul also worshipped the Lord for what has happened and what is to come. He indeed has a full life.

October 20 – “Looking Ahead”

Romans 15:22-27

The Holy Spirit has a game plan for Paul. Paul also has some specific plans. But he knows what other believers know, the Lord God’s plan always takes precedence over manmade plans.

October 27 – Prayers, Prayers, Prayers”

Romans 15:28-33

Ah, the sweetness of being the object of prayer. After laying out the plans for his future, Paul asks and begs his listeners and recipients of this letter, to lift him up in prayer. And as Paul thinks about his future, I am not sure at this time he knows how badly he will need those prayers.