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Sunday School begins around 10:30 AM.  There are classes for all ages.  Childcare is available in the nursery for infants up to age one.

There are three Sunday School classes for children.

  • The preschool class (ages 3 – grade 2) is located past the nursery and up the stairs. The room is the first one on the left.
  • The older elementary (grades 3, 4, 5 & 6) class is located past the nursery and up the stairs. It is the second room on the left.
  • The classroom for children ages two & three is also located past the nursery and up the stairs. It is the third room on the left.

The Youth (grades 7 – 12) meet in the room opposite of the children’s classrooms.

There are four adult Sunday School classes.  The ages of the individuals in the classes overlap.  You are welcome to join the class you feel more comfortable with.

  • Adults with young families meet in the basement opposite the kitchen.
  • Adults who are semi or retired age (Class 15) meet in the basement on the west side of the church. You will exit the fellowship hall to the west side of the church and go past the stairs.  You will know you are in the place when you see the bright alphabet rug the preschoolers use during the week.
  • If you continue past the rug and up a short set stairs, you will another adult Sunday School class at the end of the hall on the right side. The adults range in age from 50 to those who are retired.
  • Those who are more seasoned adults (Class 16) meet in the small chapel opposite the sanctuary.

Sunday School ends around 11:10 AM.  The time mostly depends on when the worship service is over.

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