Parking and Entrances to the Church

When you arrive at the church, you will find the parking lot to the south of the building and across from the doctor’s office.  The handicapped parking is on the north side of the church.  Some families like to drop off a family member, especially those who have difficulty walking, under the canopy on the church’s east side.

You may enter through the double doors at either the north or east entrances.

There are stairs leading up to the lobby.   A chair lift is available at the east entrance for those who have difficulty walking up the stairs.

You will find the nursery at the top of the stairs of the north entrance.  Turn left to enter the lobby, which leads to the worship area.

Entering the Worship Area

There is an offering plate as you walk into the worship area. Giving is voluntary.

A table to your right has the morning’s bulletin outlining our order of service, events, news, and more.   There is also an activity sheet for the children based on the sermon.

Feel free to sit wherever you like.

What You Will See

You will see individuals from all walks of life and age groups.  Some people dress up, and others wear jeans (no one will expect you to dress a certain way.)

Children Are Welcome 

Children are welcome during our worship service. For your convenience, childcare is provided for children in preschool and younger.  The nursery is located on the west side of the church, across from the stairs at the church’s north entrance.

A children’s message is included in the worship service.  The children are given a snack.

Worship Service Highlights

The worship service begins at 9:00 in the worship area. The service is fairly traditional and contains most of the things you may have experienced in church before.  We have hopefully eliminated things feeling old fashioned, boredom, and glaring looks.  There is a variety of music depending on the week you worship with us.  For more specific details about the service, visit the Sunday Morning Worship page.

After the service, be sure to pick up a guest packet and gift at the lobby’s welcome/information table, plan to stay for a while, enjoy some coffee or other beverages, and talk in the kitchen in the church basement.

Sunday School for all ages follows this informal time. Talk to someone about how to check out a class.  You can find more specific details about Sunday School by clicking on the Sunday School page.

Our Time of Offering

The offering received at each worship service is based on 1 Corinthians 16:2 – “On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income, saving it up, so that when I come no collections will have to be made.” Some use the tithe (10% of what one earns) as their guide for giving.

The money collected allows us to provide for needs and support ministries locally and around the world. As well these offerings are used to maintain our facility and staff needs. Giving an offering is a voluntary act.  You may choose to give if you wish.

Morning Prayer Time

We lift up our prayers of joys and concerns to God.  You will hear mention those who request prayer for themselves or a loved one.  Our joys consist of answered prayers, announcing special life events (weddings and births), and more.


The message you hear from the pastor, and others will almost always be relevant and helpful to living our lives and growing to be more like Jesus. The Bible is the center and foundation for these messages.  You are welcome to listen to recent sermons by clicking here.

Coffee & Fellowship Time

The worship service ends around 10:15 AM.  You are welcome to join us for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in the kitchen located in the church basement.

Sunday School

Sunday School begins around 10:30 AM.  There are classes for all ages.  Childcare is available in the nursery for infants up to age one.

There are three Sunday School classes for children.

  • The preschool class (ages 3 – grade 2) is located past the nursery and up the stairs. The room is the first one on the left.
  • The older elementary (grades 3, 4, 5 & 6) class is located in the room across from the worship area.
  • The classroom for children ages two & three is also located past the nursery and up the stairs. It is the third room on the left.

The Youth (grades 7 – 12) meet in the room opposite the children’s classrooms.

There are three adult Sunday School classes.  The ages of the individuals in the classes overlap.  You are welcome to join the class you feel more comfortable with.

  • Adults with young families meet in the basement opposite the kitchen.
  • Adults who are semi or retired age (Class 15) meet in the basement on the west side of the church. You will exit the fellowship hall to the west side of the church and go past the stairs.  You will know you are in the place when you see the bright alphabet rug the preschoolers use during the week.
  • If you continue past the rug and up a short set of stairs, you will find another adult Sunday School class at the end of the hall on the right side. The adults range in age from 50 to those who are retired.

Sunday School ends around 11:30 AM.  The time mostly depends on when the worship service is over.

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